Hanna Sender

Hanna's information design work has covered everything from Occupy Wall Street and big money politics to social media trends. Previously she was art director for Lilith magazine and worked as a freelance web designer.
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Does Cancer Follow America’s Fellatio Ratios?

A new study linking oral sex to an increased cancer risk breaks down how Americans extend their sexual generosity and delivers some eyebrow-raising stats along

Posted: 01/28/14 13:51 EDT
And the Golden Robe Goes to…

And the Golden Globe goes to... Jennifer Lawrence, says Twitter. Sunday night saw Hollywood's 71st annual Golden Globes, the Oscars-lite celebration of TV and film.

Posted: 01/13/14 11:29 EDT

Happy Fourth Ed Balls Day!

Sarah Kaufman

These Guys Risk Their Lives To Film Daily Attacks In Syria

Sarah Kaufman

Baltimore Riot: Teachers Say Police Herded Students Into Chaos

Leigh Cuen

Ice Cream Listeria Recalls Are Hardly Isolated Incidents

Joshua A. Krisch

Chilesaurus: New Dinosaur Species Discovered In Chile

Joshua A. Krisch

Online Troll Urges Game Developer Rachel Bryk To Commit Suicide

Leigh Cuen

Nepal Braces For Floods And Monsoon After Earthquake

Sarah Kaufman

Watch As Nepal Earthquake Triggers Everest Avalanche

Sarah Kaufman