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Showing 1-20 of 52 Results
ISIS’ Official Penal Code Revealed
Life under the law of ISIS is, shall we say, unforgiving. Even the most petty crimes can draw some violent responses. Murder, crucifixion, mutilation, stoning
Posted: 12/16/14 08:43 EST
ISIS Plots Balloon Party in Saudi Arabia
A flurry of recent Twitter posts suggests that ISIS supporters in Saudi Arabia may be planning to carry out a rather curious demonstration this weekend. Simply, the scheme
Posted: 12/08/14 12:05 EST
“Hipster Poster Boy” of ISIS Dies in Kobani
According to ISIS supporters on social media and in Jihadi forums, Islam Yaken, a 23-year-old jihadi who was nicknamed the group's "hipster poster boy", died while carrying
Posted: 12/01/14 05:22 EST
This Is What It Looks Like When Iran Mourns a Pop Star
Authorities in Iran typically prevent any massive outdoor gatherings. This Sunday, however, law enforcement was caught by surprise when thousands of teary-eyed fans flooded Tehran's main cemetery for the
Posted: 11/17/14 15:33 EST
Is ISIS Getting Stronger or Just Desperate?
As the fate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS), allegedly hangs in the balance, the group—the world's most notorious jihadi organization—has
Posted: 11/12/14 09:06 EST
Is ISIS Creating Its Own Currency?
Having already created its own school system, police force and an amusement park for kids, the Islamic State (ISIS) may be taking the next step toward solidifying its
Posted: 11/09/14 09:41 EST

A Visit to Eric Garner's Grave: Unmarked, Untended & Totally Neglected

Mike Spies

Government's War on Online Drugs Targets Wrong Sites, Helps Dealers

Eric Markowitz

A Journey Through the 6 Most Bizarre Political Moments of 2014

Mike Spies

My 10 Hours of Beatings, Interrogations and Fear in a Cairo Jail

Conor Sheils

Q&A With the Mom Who Called C-SPAN to Tell Sons to Stop Arguing on TV

Luke Malone

With the Ruble Tanking, Russia Reinvents the Soviet Breadline

Vladi Vovchuk

This Guy Just Ensured That the Hacked Sony Files Will Live On Forever

Eric Markowitz

Russian Inflation Is So Bad, Some Businesses Abandoning Rubles

Sarah Kaufman