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Iranians Tweet Their Hopes For A Nuclear Deal

Iranians are closely watching tense negotiations over their country’s nuclear program and tweeting messages of hope, Vocativ has discovered. Those tweets, including some coming from

Posted: 03/30/15 12:00 EDT
ISIS Capitalizes On Yemen’s Chaos

As the international community urges all sides in Yemen's conflict to step back from the brink, ISIS is seizing an opportunity to claim its own

Posted: 03/23/15 13:02 EDT
Houthis Close In On Another Major Yemeni City

Houthis, a powerful group of Shiite insurgents that is quickly taking over Yemen, is now close to conquering the country's third largest city, Taiz. According to images and

Posted: 03/22/15 12:34 EDT
Tourists Killed In Museum Shooting In Tunisia

19 people, including 17 tourists from several European countries, were killed in a shooting at the Bardo National Museum In Tunisia on Wednesday. Men dressed in military-style clothing seized hostages in

Posted: 03/18/15 09:46 EDT
Photos: ISIS Vandalizes Historic Church In Mosul

Dramatic images apparently released by members of the Islamic State confirm earlier reports that its members had severely vandalized Mosul's Saint George's Church, a site dating back

Posted: 03/16/15 08:37 EDT
ISIS Has Anonymous In Its Crosshairs

ISIS supporters are circulating a hit list of 182 "most prominent enemy” Twitter handles that have been monitoring and reporting on accounts associated with the Jihadist network.

Posted: 03/10/15 08:35 EDT
ISIS Opens Its Own Social Network

ISIS has allegedly created its own social network, named "Khelafabook". ISIS supporters around the world have already begun promoting this would-be platform for jihadists. The site

Posted: 03/08/15 07:10 EDT

Co-Pilot's Backers Have Conspiracy Theories On Germanwings Crash

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There's A $10M Price Tag On The Yemen Rebel Chief's Head

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Google Maps Blurs Out Germanwings Co-Pilot's Home

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Two Federal Silk Road Investigators Charged With Stealing Bitcoins

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Heroic Germanwings Captain Praised On FB By Loved Ones

Sarah Kaufman

Anti-Houthi Intelligence Hotline Opened In Yemen

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The Six States With More Cars Than People

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