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Gilad Shiloach

Gilad is a Verne Analyst, covering Middle East, North Africa and terror organizations on the Deep Web
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ISIS Launches “Media Cover-Up” Campaign

As ISIS struggles to take and hold the northern Syrian city of Kobani, the terror group has a simple message for its militants and sympathizers online: Shut up.

Posted: 06/28/15 09:44 EDT
ISIS Blows Up Two Prized Mausoleums in Syria

ISIS fighters continued their campaign of destruction, blowing up two ancient Muslim mausoleums in Syria's historic city of Palmyra. Maamoun Abdulkarim, Syria's antiquities director, told

Posted: 06/23/15 11:42 EDT
Lebanon Prison Beatings Enrage ISIS Supporters

Videos and at least one picture showing prisoners being abused while their hands were bound ignited backlash online and spurred calls among ISIS supporters to seek revenge against Christians.

Posted: 06/22/15 11:29 EDT
Al-Qaeda In Yemen’s Latest Target: Drums

Al-Qaeda militants, who have capitalized on Yemen's current violence to seize strategic coastal towns, have destroyed buildings belonging to Sufi Muslims in the area, along

Posted: 06/15/15 12:50 EDT

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