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Eric is a reporter for Vocativ. He was previously a staff writer at Inc. and has worked in the editorial department of Vanity Fair. You can contact him at
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Showing 1-20 of 141 Results
How to Delete Yourself From Google
Beginning last month, a new landmark law allowed people living in Europe to ask Google to remove negative links about them—to effectively scrub the web. It seemed
Posted: 08/01/14 11:40 EDT
You Can Wave Goodbye to the Handshake
Chris Padgett, an executive coach living in Ohio, meets with about 20 top-level executives every month. Basically, it's his job to advise CEOs and VPs
Posted: 07/31/14 07:14 EDT
How a Rocket App Goes Viral During a War
Each time a rocket is launched into Israel, sirens blare, alerting nearby Israelis to seek shelter. “Problem is,” writes Aviv Ben-Yosef, a software developer living Israel, “that these
Posted: 07/28/14 13:36 EDT
PETA Pays Detroit’s Poor to Go Vegan
The news coming out of Detroit continues to get worse and worse. Earlier this month, Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department announced it would turn off water
Posted: 07/25/14 12:48 EDT
Do Aliens Litter?
Scientists have been studying the surfaces of other planets for decades, looking for life. So far, they haven't found much. But some of the world's
Posted: 07/25/14 11:55 EDT
Could Bitcoin Fund Jihadi Fighters?
One of bitcoin's biggest selling points is that it's anonymous. Unlike government-issued currencies, bitcoin's decentralized network makes it hard for investigators to trace online purchases.
Posted: 07/09/14 07:48 EDT
Boleto Bots Bilk Brazil Out of $3 Billion
In April 2013, an anonymous tipster sent a concerned message to the founder of a well-known Brazilian cybercrime blog, Linha Defensiva (the "Defensive Line"). In
Posted: 07/03/14 14:35 EDT
More Edward Snowden Leaks on the Way?
Just over a year ago, the Guardian's Glen Greenwald published the biggest scoop of his career: an exposé into a sprawling surveillance network set up
Posted: 07/01/14 10:30 EDT
Bitcoin’s Most Controversial Startup
Jonathan Wagner should have been part of the bitcoin nouveau riche—a group of hundreds of early adopters that made millions off the booming cryptocurrency over the
Posted: 06/26/14 07:50 EDT

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