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Emily Levy

Emily Levy is a reporter at Vocativ and a New York City native.
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Why Are These Toy Soldiers Vacuuming?

When Mattel gave birth to Barbie 55 years ago, its superstar plaything made a splash with her blond hair, permanent smile and sharp outfit. But

Posted: 08/01/14 06:58 EDT
Today Is the Day to #UnfollowAMan

Another massive blow was struck against the patriarchy on Sunday, when #UnfollowAMan swept across Twitter, fueling a fire of raging man-hate. It was less of a

Posted: 07/28/14 13:01 EDT
The Rich White Ladies Are Taking Over Summer

Shortly before Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in the men's final at Wimbledon, a video surfaced on the Internet poking fun at the uptight, you’ve-got-to-wear-all-white

Posted: 07/17/14 07:44 EDT

Ronda Rousey Gets Paid Peanuts Compared To The Male UFC Champs

Sarah Kaufman
Junk Science

Junk Science: Hormones Do NOT Make You Cheat

Joshua A. Krisch

Canadian Hackers Target Trump.com With Message To Jon Stewart

Brian Patrick Byrne

People Aren't Too Happy About India's Porn Ban

Luke Malone

Part Spider, Part Car: The Vehicle That Can Drive Over Anything

Ryan Beckler

A Popular Cam Girl Just Got Shut Down For Wearing A Nazi Uniform

Jacob Steinblatt

How To Debate Vaccine Skeptics—And Win

Joshua A. Krisch

Watch These Medical Drones Deliver Blood Samples

Joshua A. Krisch