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Emily Levy is a reporter at Vocativ and a New York City native.
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Indian Photographer Makes Gang Rape a Fashion Statement

Sexual violence is one of India's most contentious and sensitive issues. It has been the subject of numerous humanitarian projects, online discussion groups and petitions. Now, though,

Posted: 08/06/14 11:34 EST
“Twinning” Is Instagram’s Latest Mom Sport

Remember when we learned via this Tumblr that there are men who track down men they resemble online and call them their "boyfriend twins"? And we all celebrated the Tumblr's take

Posted: 08/04/14 13:21 EST
The Worst Internet Comments About Street Harassment

Vocativ published a short video documentary last week tackling street harassment in New York City. Through interviews with Jennifer Corey, a former Miss America contestant

Posted: 08/04/14 08:05 EST
Why Are These Toy Soldiers Vacuuming?

When Mattel gave birth to Barbie 55 years ago, its superstar plaything made a splash with her blond hair, permanent smile and sharp outfit. But

Posted: 08/01/14 06:58 EST
Today Is the Day to #UnfollowAMan

Another massive blow was struck against the patriarchy on Sunday, when #UnfollowAMan swept across Twitter, fueling a fire of raging man-hate. It was less of a

Posted: 07/28/14 13:01 EST
Madd Wikkid Wants to Make You His Rick Rubin

Crowdfunding is de rigueur for lots of actors looking to get their pet projects off the ground. Your hard-earned Kickstarter dollars basically made Kristen Bell's

Posted: 07/25/14 07:07 EST
3D Printing in Space Is Still a Long Way Off

Since Apollo 11 landed on the moon 45 years ago, space innovation has evolved enormously. With the help of advanced spacecrafts, we've circled Jupiter and

Posted: 07/22/14 07:40 EST
Gas Masks for the Fashion-Conscious Survivalist

If TV series and blockbuster movies are any indication, the apocalypse is an inevitability. The question is, then: Can you be too prepared? Well, breathe

Posted: 07/21/14 07:02 EST
The Rich White Ladies Are Taking Over Summer

Shortly before Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in the men's final at Wimbledon, a video surfaced on the Internet poking fun at the uptight, you’ve-got-to-wear-all-white

Posted: 07/17/14 07:44 EST
You Too Can Be Popular Online—For a Price

What if, in some not-so-distant future, you could purchase popularity, like an iTunes gift card, at the grocery store alongside your organic mayo and small-batch

Posted: 07/16/14 08:56 EST

Extreme Snow Is A Symptom Of Climate Change

Sarah Kaufman

ISIS Statement Urges Attacks, Announces Creation Of Khorasan State

Markham Nolan

Ukrainian Dashcam Video Captures Deadly Attack

Sarah Kaufman

New Yorkers Are Cheap Tippers During Bad Weather

Eric Markowitz

Coffee Cures Everything...Or Perhaps Nothing

Joshua A. Krisch

Sports Fans Give A Pass To Off-The-Field Cheaters

Elizabeth Kulze

Obama Gum Chew At Indian Parade Draws Fire

Yonatan Amrany

Violence Marks The Four-Year Anniversary Of Egypt's Revolution

Sarah Kaufman