Emily Levy

Emily Levy is a reporter at Vocativ and a New York City native.
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Showing 1-20 of 274 Results
Today Is the Day to #UnfollowAMan
Posted: Another massive blow was struck against the patriarchy on Sunday, when #UnfollowAMan swept across Twitter, fueling a fire of raging man-hate. It was less of a
07/28/14 13:01 EDT
The Rich White Ladies Are Taking Over Summer
Posted: Shortly before Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in the men's final at Wimbledon, a video surfaced on the Internet poking fun at the uptight, you’ve-got-to-wear-all-white
07/17/14 07:44 EDT
Extreme Hot Dog Makeover
Posted: With summer weather comes hot dog season—months of indulging in bun-length deliciousness—propelled by baseball games, sweltering weekend barbecues and any other occasion that calls for
07/10/14 13:01 EDT
Crowdsourcing the Perfect Female Nose
Posted: In a new paper titled "Population-Based Assessment of Currently Proposed Ideals of Nasal Tip Projection and Rotation in Young Women," a team of researchers from NYU strike
06/27/14 14:07 EDT
A Daily Dose of Bite-Size Sci-Fi
Posted: What happens when a journalist-turned-digital-strategy-maven with a hankering for creative writing needs a new challenge? Answer: 365 days of easy-to-consume science fiction stories published on social
06/26/14 11:41 EDT
The Fun Is Done for Rapper Kunfetty
Posted: James Young, an aspiring rapper who calls himself "the most hardest underground rapper ever," was arrested Monday in Portland, Oregon, on federal sex trafficking charges. For
06/25/14 12:33 EDT
Trolling Google Art for Glitches
Posted: When Google Cultural Institute's Art Project launched in 2011 to take Google Earth-like tours inside the world's elite museums, its goal was simple: "Democratiz[e] who gets to look
06/25/14 08:28 EDT
The Smells of Los Angeles as Art
Posted: When olfactory artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter set out to map the city of Los Angeles by smell, bottling up neighborhoods in perfume jars, he borrowed the noses
06/24/14 11:25 EDT

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