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ISIS Made Us Forget All About the Taliban

ISIS is on a roll. Ask people on the street to name the deadliest terror group in the world today and they'll cite the flag-wavers from Iraq and Syria. Months

Posted: 12/12/14 13:31 EST
ISIS’ New Scheme: Lone Wolf “Burqa Attacks”

Ibolya Ryan, an American kindergarten teacher, was stabbed to death on Monday in the bathroom of an Abu Dhabi shopping mall by an individual wearing traditional

Posted: 12/04/14 08:57 EST
Cracking the Code Behind ISIS’ New Currency

Early Wednesday, much to the amusement and curiosity of the locals, members of ISIS unveiled what they claim is a new currency in the Iraqi town of

Posted: 11/20/14 15:30 EST
ISIS Supporters In America: The Jihadis Next Door?

In recent months, as ISIS began executing Western hostages and dialing up multiple threats to attack property and citizens in the U.S., Vocativ’s analysts have been using our

Posted: 10/01/14 06:56 EST
Kicked Off Twitter for Beheading Video, ISIS Regroups

The horrific video of U.S. journalist James Foley’s execution prompted YouTube and Twitter to take a more aggressive and official stand against ISIS’ use of their sites. Twitter

Posted: 08/22/14 08:55 EST

Extreme Snow Is A Symptom Of Climate Change

Sarah Kaufman

ISIS Statement Urges Attacks, Announces Creation Of Khorasan State

Markham Nolan

Ukrainian Dashcam Video Captures Deadly Attack

Sarah Kaufman

New Yorkers Are Cheap Tippers During Bad Weather

Eric Markowitz

Coffee Cures Everything...Or Perhaps Nothing

Joshua A. Krisch

Sports Fans Give A Pass To Off-The-Field Cheaters

Elizabeth Kulze

Obama Gum Chew At Indian Parade Draws Fire

Yonatan Amrany

Violence Marks The Four-Year Anniversary Of Egypt's Revolution

Sarah Kaufman