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Amit Weiss

Amit is Vocativ's Verne analyst team lead, specializing in MENA stories.
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Greek Interest In Bitcoin Is On The Rise

Interest in bitcoin is growing in Greece, as some Greeks conclude that adopting the digital currency could be the best route to financial recovery. Greek Google trends show

Posted: 07/08/15 17:45 EDT
Life Goes On In Greece

Banks in Greece will be closed for another two days amid soaring financial uncertainty and as Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras seeks to strike a deal on sky-high

Posted: 07/07/15 05:18 EDT
ISIS: “More Bad News” Is Imminent

In a statement claiming responsibility for the Friday attack at a Tunisian beach resort that killed at least 39 people, the Islamic State group said "more bad news" is

Posted: 06/27/15 03:23 EDT
Saudi Arabia Enlists Imams In Yemen War

The Saudi Arabian government sent memos to mosques across the country this week ordering religious leaders to use their sermons to create fear about the Iranian-backed rebels

Posted: 03/29/15 11:28 EDT
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Here's How Many People Survived Shark Attacks Last Year

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