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Showing 1-20 of 29 Results
An Analysis of ISIS Quarterly Reports: Kill and Conquer
Any doubts about how ruthless and single-minded the Islamic State (commonly referred to as ISIS) had become were dispelled on Tuesday. A gruesome propaganda video began circulating that evening, showing the purported
Posted: 08/20/14 08:28 EDT
ISIS: We Are Operating in Gaza
Two-plus weeks into Gaza’s current battle with Israel, ceasefire negotiations are stalled, Israeli forces are mobilizing for a potential ground invasion from the north and
Posted: 07/15/14 12:53 EDT
The Sad Heroification of Elliot Rodger
Since the tragic shooting that took place near the University of California at Santa Barbara on Friday night, Elliot Rodger's self-made videos have gone viral
Posted: 05/25/14 20:53 EDT
Hashish Hubbub in the Holy Land
. All Israeli celebs are asking is to be left to smoke pot in peace. Unfortunately, a high-profile drug bust has caused a stir in
Posted: 04/11/14 07:35 EDT
Strange Bedfellows in Ukraine
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a common refrain in geopolitics. With Russian troops massing at the border with Ukraine, could the
Posted: 04/09/14 23:26 EDT
Slumdogs in China’s Sin City
Gangs in China's "Sin City" are forcing children to work the streets. Like the hungry, grimy Indian tots in the Slumdog Millionaire film, some of
Posted: 03/27/14 10:32 EDT
Crimea’s Anti-Russian Muslims Gather Arms
Russian sabre-rattling on Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula this weekend is unleashing age old ethnic enmities and political divisions. The peninsula's long-suffering Tatar minority, who oppose Russian
Posted: 03/02/14 18:18 EDT
Someone Near You Likes Jihadi Groups
Pop stars, sports teams and Hollywood actors aren't the only ones with global followings on Facebook. Jihadis, too, have lots of rabid fans from around
Posted: 02/25/14 16:38 EDT
The Grow Houses of the Holy Land
A border crackdown is making it tough to get a good bag of weed on the streets of Israel these days, and Israelis are starting
Posted: 02/06/14 15:01 EDT
Pulled Alive From Syrian Rubble
The discovery and rescue this weekend of a Syrian child buried alive in rubble raised spirits briefly in war-torn Aleppo. A video of the incident, which
Posted: 01/27/14 11:31 EDT

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