This Smart Shirt Collects Basically All Of Your Biometric Data

Aug 09, 2017 at 1:02 PM ET

Shirt or sensor? Why not both?!

E-skin is a smart garment that tracks your body movements. It collects data from the shirt’s stretchable sensors and transmits it to the “hub,” which uses a bluetooth to send the data for remote analysis. The technology also tracks biometric data related to limb strain, respiration and posture, meaning these shirts could be used to perfect a golf swing, help a factory worker or even interact in virtual reality.

The manufacturer says that comfort, durability and washability are key for the technology to move from the research to reality. In hope of sparking innovation and attracting new applications, E-skin is open-sourcing the technology.

But wear and beware: once clothes capture your data, where does it get delivered?