Indonesian Town Creates Police Task Force To Fight Monkeys

Aug 09, 2017 at 9:00 AM ET

Meet the monkey squad.

An Indonesian task force in the small town of Java has one target: managing monkeys.

The small town has been terrorized, with 13 residents attacked by wild primates during a six-day span. In response, the task force uses air rifles and traps to control, but not kill, an out-of-control monkey population.

Animal protection activists say the long-tailed macaque monkeys, whose main mission is stealing food, are raiding homes and gardens for survival. Large-scale commercial logging has decimated their natural habitat of teak and pine forests. And that leaves them hungry and desperate.

Once the marauding monkeys are caught, they are brought to a monkey sanctuary. And although they may get the food they need, the monkeys lose the freedom they deserve.