Meet New Delhi’s Tough Female Bouncer

Jul 17, 2017 at 2:20 PM ET

She’s not your average bouncer.

Mehrunnisha defies gender stereotypes. She’s a bouncer at a club called Social in New Delhi.

Bouncers are traditionally male, but Social employs female bouncers to help women feel safer.

Mehrunnisha started working there almost a decade ago. She originally wanted to be a soldier or policeman, but her father wouldn’t let her.

But now her career as a bouncer is paying the family’s bills after her father lost money in the stock market.  Her sister now bounces too, and together they earn $651 a month — enough to support their family of eight in a two-room apartment.

At the club, she’s helped break up many fights, and has found illicit drugs. The club’s owner called her fierce and determined.

And now she’s found extra work in security details for celebrities

“When I come here and I see a female bouncer who works out of here, she is pretty kick-ass, if I may say! She is pretty good at what she does.”

She’s also kicking away negative stereotypes.