Slime Eels Cause Four-Car Pile-Up In Oregon

Jul 14, 2017 at 3:04 PM ET

A flatbed truck spilled 7,500 pounds of slime eels onto an Oregon highway, in what quickly became the worst commute ever.

Eel truck driver Salvatore J. Tragale was delivering the slime eels, also known by their gentler name of hagfish, to be shipped to Korea for consumption. When he lost control of the flatbed near highway construction on U.S. 101, the 13 containers of eels spilled onto the road, causing a four-car pile-up.

No humans were seriously injured, but thousands of hagfish died. Despite the challenges, the fire department and the Oregon Department of Transportation were able to get the road cleared within a few hours.

The Oregonian points out that “hagfish slime – a type of mucus – can expand to more than five gallons when combined with water.”