This App Teaches You The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Language

Jul 13, 2017 at 1:09 PM ET

You speak Valyrian? Valyrian is my mother tongue!

The language-learning app Duolingo is now offering courses in High Valyrian, the fictional language spoken by some of the most powerful characters from “Game of Thrones.” Fan favorite Daenerys Targaryen is particularly famous for her epic speeches delivered in the regal tones of Valyrian.

In 2012, HBO hired linguist David Peterson to create the language, which is based on just a few words mentioned in George R. R. Martin’s original novels that inspired the wildly popular series.

But Valyrian wasn’t always a regular, fictional language. The first time audiences got to hear Valyrian out loud wasn’t until the season three premiere. For all the “GoT” trivia fans, the first sentence uttered was, “The Westerosi woman is pleased with them, but speaks no praise to keep the price down. She wishes to know how they are trained.”

Fans of the show have even written haikus in the language:


Embār glaeson

Dōnon ynot.

Like silver

A life in the sea

Would be sweet for me.

Season seven premieres Sunday, which gives you plenty of time to learn a few catchphrases, such as “Dracarys.”