Turkish Drug Dealer Faces Vigilante Justice

Jul 12, 2017 at 2:06 PM ET

A suspected drug dealer in Turkey got a dose of street justice. And it involves a pink skirt.

Residents in a Turkish town north of Istanbul recently took matters in their own hands when police apparently failed to act against the suspected dealer. As punishment, the man accused of dealing drugs, humiliated and beaten, was paraded around town wearing a pink skirt.

This kind of backlash is not uncommon. Turkish residents are sending a clear message that they’re tired of drug dealers in their neighborhoods.

Much of their frustration focuses on a commonly peddled drug called Bonsai, a synthetic cannabis that’s aimed at young people and has led to the poisoning of thousands. Bonsai is cheap, easy to get and has devastating consequences. Officials estimate that half a million people in Turkey are addicted to the drug.

Unfortunately, the situation has gotten to the point where many are taking the law into their own hands.