Pro-Trump Groups Clash With Counter-Protesters In Berkeley

Once again, things turned violent in the Bay Area city

Demonstrators for and against Donald Trump clash in Berkeley, April 15, 2017. — REUTERS
Apr 15, 2017 at 5:04 PM ET

Hundreds of Pro-Trump demonstrators and anti-fascist counter-protesters clashed on Saturday afternoon at a “Patriot’s Day” rally in Berkeley, California. The Bay Area city previously saw the two groups face off with each other in early March.

The rally was sponsored by the Liberty Revival Alliance, and was attended by a consortium of pro-Trump organizations. The “antifa” protesters, many dressed in all black, chanted slogans about “Nazi scum,” while the pro-Trump demonstrators shouted against the “communists.” Journalists on the scene told Vocativ that roughly 1,000 people total were present at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Police initially tried separating the two groups with a plastic orange divider, but eventually scuffles broke out.

Observers captured the confrontation and posted videos to social media. One clip recorded intense fighting between both sides:

The Los Angeles Times reported that two counter-protesters were handcuffed by police and removed from the scene. One journalist recorded video of a man that was pepper sprayed, while others tweeted about the violence on both sides.

As with past demonstrations this year in Berkeley, violence was anticipated. A weekly farmer’s market held in the park was cancelled earlier this week due to safety concerns, while police dispatched additional personnel in case the two sides attacked on another.