Vince Vaughn Is The Alt-Right’s New Hollywood Hero

Trump supporters are praising Vaughn as a WOKE-ASS DEPLORABLE

Photo Illustration: R. A. Di Ieso
Jan 10, 2017 at 2:10 PM ET

It took six minutes of raspy speech for Meryl Streep to solidify herself as a glowing liberal icon, the embodiment of of grace and strength in an uncertain era. But it only took six seconds of a frosty death-stare for Vince Vaughn to earn the badge of “WOKE-ASS DEPLORABLE.”

During her Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance, Streep stole the show, calling out Donald Trump for mocking a disabled journalist, celebrating the diversity of Hollywood, and defending the freedom of the “principled press.” Every celebrity in the room seemed to marvel in wide-eyed admiration. That is, all but two. When Streep ended on an anecdote about Tommy Lee Jones reminding her of the privilege of being an actor, the camera cut to Mel Gibson and Vaughn. Gibson adjusted his hand on his chin and carried a look of confused interest. But Vaughn leered — pursed lips, head tilted, eyes gazing up through his brow. The pose would have suited one of his crime boss roles. Perfect for the moment in the film when his character decides that the person in front of him is going to die soon.

The memes began rolling in.

Many Trump supporters identified immediately with the two actors — an anti-Semite and a macho tell-it-as-it-is conservative Midwesterner surrounded by a crowd that appears to have different views than their own.

On the Donald Trump subreddit, /r/TheDonald, Vaughn quickly became the true hero. “All these salty cucks making underhanded left ‘statements’ at the Golden Globes.” one redditor wrote in a post with a Make America Great Again hat photoshopped onto Vaughn’s head. “You know who didn’t have to make a ‘statement’? ONE WOKE-ASS DEPLORABLE VINCE VAUGHN”

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There have been 29 /r/TheDonald posts about Vaughan since the Golden Globes aired. They insist Vaughn deserves a lifetime achievement award “for not following suit with Hollywood’s elite,” that he should get the lead in the next Clint Eastwood film, and that Trump-enemy Roseanne Barr should write a comedy featuring Gibson and Vaughn. The most popular post, “VINCE VAUGHN SITS IN STUNNED DISBELIEF AT THE STUPIDITY OF HIS FELLOW ACTORS,” got more than 7,300 up votes at the time this article was published. Commenters called him “The_Vaughnald” and mused that “Vince is fucking ready to MAGA.”

So, is the Frat Pack actor in fact ready to MAGA? Vaughn’s publicity representative did not respond to a Vocativ request to comment on whether Vaughn supported Trump. But as redditors have pointed out, Vaughn did support Republican outsider Ron Paul during his 2012 presidential campaign. Earlier in the 2016 race, Vaughn said his views aligned with Ron Paul’s son, then-candidate Rand Paul. Trump-supporting redditors have also praised a statement he made last year during a British GQ interview: “We have the right to bear arms to resist the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.”

Vaughn may continue to shy away from political commentary during this divisive moment for the nation. But fortunately for the alt-right, they now have their own version of the Vaunghnald.