Donald Trump Supporters Stand By Him On Social Media

Despite the offensive comments he made in a 2005 recording, many voters are continuing to declare their loyalty

Oct 08, 2016 at 3:36 PM ET

Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women is causing turmoil in the Republican Party, with many of his previous endorsers jumping ship. But, Trump’s dirty language has not detracted his most loyal supporters, many of whom have taken to social media to declare their continued loyalty to him.

On Friday, the Washington Post published a video from 2005 that showed Trump and former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush trading offensive comments about women on a bus. In addition to saying that he’s “automatically attracted to beautiful” and just “start(s) kissing” women,” Trump bragged about the ease in which he supposedly pursues members of the opposite sex. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” he said, adding later that one just has to “grab them by the pussy.”

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Trump has issued an apology, but insisted on Saturday that he would not drop out of the presidential race. “Oh yeah, we can win — we will win,” he told the New York Times. “We have tremendous support. I think a lot of people underestimate how loyal my supporters are.” He also returned to Twitter to respond to critics:

Trump may have a point: Many of the Republican nominee’s supporters continued to express their devotion to the candidate online, seemingly brushing aside all the negative press that has recently surrounded the Trump campaign.


It appears that for some supporters, Trump can simply do no wrong.