Muslims In Europe Fear Backlash After Brussels Blasts

"It's starting again, prepare yourselves Arab Muslims."

People are evacuated from Brussels Airport, in Zaventem. — (AFP/Getty Images)
Mar 22, 2016 at 7:45 AM ET

Immigrants from northern Africa and Middle Eastern countries living in Europe are bracing for an anti-Islamic backlash following the series of bombings that tore through Brussels on Tuesday.

Members of migrant Facebook groups wrote they were concerned a wave of Islamophobia would hit Europe in the wake of the two blasts that hit the Brussels international airport Tuesday morning and another hit Maelbeek metro station an hour later. Both incidents are being billed as a terror attacks. The blasts killed dozens of people and wounded more than 100 others, the New York Times reported.

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Some migrants in the groups tried to defuse the situation, saying it was unclear who stood behind the attack, although there were witness reports of shouts in Arabic seconds before the explosion. “Every call in Arabic doesn’t mean coming to a certain conclusion. It could be someone who says it out of fear,” wrote Hilal Kus from Bastogne, Belgium, a town about 45 miles from Luxembourg.

But Kus was one of the few calm voices amid an online group racked with panic.

Translation: “Ooh la la. The racists will be out again today. Take a dump.”

Translation: “And no, it’s not a technical issue, it’s starting again, prepare yourselves Arab Muslims.”

Translation: “And as usual the accusations will be directed at the Arabs”