Psychics Reveal Who Scalia’s Replacement Will Be

Their answers may surprise you. Or they may not. Either way, they're based on the same information pundits have

(Photo illustration: R. A. Di Ieso / Vocativ)
Feb 18, 2016 at 4:35 PM ET

In light of Justice Antonin Scalia’s passing on Feb. 13, pundits and media are already running predictions for his successor. With that in mind, if they can speculate, why can’t we? So, in the age-old tradition of political armchairing, Vocativ contacted a number of psychics, mediums, and intuitives to see what kind of read they were getting.

While only a couple of them named actual names, those who didn’t overwhelmingly said that because President Obama has daughters, he would nod to their future by nominating a woman. On to the results:

Jeanne Mayell, Intuitive

“I sense that Obama wants to name a woman but I don’t know if he has one in the pipeline. He feels he owes it to his girls!” Mayell said that in her vision, she saw Obama thinking of his older daughter and how much women need more women in high places, while considering the next justice. He wants to leave that legacy for his daughters.

Tony Morris, Psychic Medium

“First, I’m sensing that the process will be handled by the Commander in Chief in the proper manner: there will first be the acknowledgement and respect given to the recent death of Justice Scalia.

Then, expect a focus on new beginnings and a nominee who will represent a missing void on the bench. A woman, with not only judicial, but educational background, will be a leading choice. President Obama may be finishing up his last term, but he’s still building on the legacy that he’ll leave behind.”

Angela Gehl, Intuitive Advisor

“There is a strong pull to a female candidate. I sense that the President will want one who is liberal minded. Loretta Lynch and Judge Patricia Millet are favourable candidates and I get a strong sense that they have made the short list. It feels like the president wants leave a legacy of racial and gender equality when it comes to this decision as well.”

LaMont Hamilton, Psychic

Last year, Hamilton predicted a change on the Supreme Court when he wrote:

Prediction #56: At least two more males will be added to the Supreme Court by 2020 after one female and one male is lost.

Asked to expand on that given the news of Scalia’s death, he wrote:

“I’m sure that President Obama will push for Attorney General Loretta Lynch as the first African American woman to fill the post or Ninth Circuit Judge Paul Watford a close second.

It will not be well received that Scalia died of natural causes and it’s going to be flagged as a murder since there’s too many things that are being hidden from the public. The fact that he’s the most ardent 2nd Amendment advocate in the SCOTUS is going to fuel the turmoil that he was murdered because President Obama is pushing a ban on firearms and he was standing in the way of his political will.”

Tamar George, Psychic

George said she had a vision of Jane Kelly—an Obama appointee and judge on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals—as Obama’s clear choice. George wrote:

“Jane Kelly: My psychic ‘get’ is based on gut intuition. Jane Kelly is the choice of the President at this time. Jane represents the younger perspective of equality. This is needed because the energy of 2016 is a year to work in Unity and to balance the feminine and masculine energies.  Simple terms; Jane Kelly will be chosen in order to have more females on the Supreme Court.  Remember nothing influences anyone more than having daughters, because you want the best for their future.”

Ronda Snow, Tarot Reader

Snow did a three-card reading for the next nominee with a few caveats: “To start, my condolences to Justice Scalia’s family,” she said. “I’d hate to see the simple humanity of his passing be lost in all the politics.” Snow also stressed that she can’t “accurately predict what will happen,” but that her reading can offer “guidance about the important things to consider as these important decisions are made, or as citizens, the opinions that we form.”

The cards she drew for the reading:

Lessons From the Past: The Fool

“The Fool card doesn’t mean something or someone foolish. There aren’t any bad connotations here at all. When Tarot first evolved as a medieval card game, the word fool still had more to do with something silly or lighthearted, like a court jester. The fool card can mean a reminder to play, or (because it is the very first card in the deck) it can symbolize new beginnings. The phrase “sea change” comes to mind. Liberal or conservative, the new justice is likely to change the direction and timbre of the court.”

Understanding Now: The World

“The World card is classically a card of success. As I read them, cards can give different tones or flavors of messages: advice, caution, validation, reassurance, etc. In this case it feels like a reassurance card. It won’t be an easy success. My logical side could see this coming, certainly, but intuitively, it now also feels like a rumble, political wrangling, and a lot of dark energy around the process of finding a new Justice. It’s going to get nasty, but my instinct is that this card is a reassurance for the common man, to let us ordinary folks know it will work out in the end, no matter how nasty it gets on TV.”

Next Step Forward: The Emperor

“The Emperor: The phrase ‘outspoken leader’ comes to mind. This card connects with the Fool card in that there is a feeling of new directions, ‘wise leader,’ but someone not afraid of confrontation. See the suit of armor looking shoes and leg coverings in the artwork on the card? There is a sense of a person who stands up to the status quo, is a firm but fair leader. I get the feeling this person has no regard—doesn’t give a flying rat’s backside—about political philosophy, conservative vs. liberal or what have you. Civil rights may come to the forefront. The feeling is this person would be a warrior-like protector of voting rights, reproductive rights, marriage equality, and all of those civil liberty oriented issues, but at the same time being very true to constitutional protections of those rights. I want to say this person ‘owes their allegiance to the rule of law above all, politics be damned.'”

And finally, Snow’s general impressions from the reading:

“Here I see the color grey, like stone or marble. This may be an allusion to the Supreme Court building itself. Again a feeling of youth, of an age closer to Justice Kagan. There is a feeling of ‘cohort’ so there may be some consensus building and persuasion skills with this person, but if that fails, they are strong enough to be an opinion of one with no detriment to relationships with colleagues. Vigor, a strong outgoing, leadership sort of energy here. It feels over and above gender—gender irrelevant compared to the other character traits.”

Of course, as Snow and other psychics are quick to point out, such mystical insights should be taken with a large grain of skepticism. But it’s worth noting that these are as solid bets as anything we’ve heard so far.