Gleeful ISIS Gloats About Los Angeles Bomb Scare

Within minutes of the news of the bomb scare in LA, ISIS supporters created a web forum titled “Panic in the American Los Angeles.”

Dec 15, 2015 at 1:08 PM ET

ISIS supporters took to social media to gloat about the disruption caused by “credible” bomb threats made against the Los Angeles school system on Tuesday. The threats closed more than 900 schools across the city, abruptly sending hundreds of thousands of students home and throwing the city into disarray.

Within minutes of news of the closure, ISIS loyalists created a thread on an online forum with the title “Panic in the American Los Angeles,” Vocativ’s deep web analysis found. Islamic State adherents are using the thread to gloat about the panicked response—though none so far have taken credit for the attack.

“Thanks God, they are panicked of everything. The soldiers of the Caliphate will look after you until the world will be under the rule of Allah,” wrote one supporter. Another responded with, “Oh God, never make them safe. Put panic in their hearts.”

Another ISIS supporter took to Twitter to comment on the school closings in Los Angeles. “The city of Los Angeles is closing schools and vital areas because of the security threat. Oh God, destroy the worshipers of the cross,” the tweet, written by someone who identifies himself as Ali al-Baghdadi, reads. On another ISIS-friendly Twitter feed that is regarded as an unofficial arm of the ISIS propaganda machine, an ISIS supporter celebrated the fact that nearly 650,000 kids were sent home from school.

“Allah Akbar, closure of all the school in Los Angeles because of threats,” the tweet reads. “640,000 returned to their homes, Oh God, increase their panic!!”

Law enforcement officials have not said whether the bomb threats in Los Angeles are in any way associated with ISIS or other terror groups.

This is a developing story.

Translation: “America is living the nightmare of Paris”