Marco Rubio’s Voting Record Is Getting Even Worse

Florida's Republican presidential hopeful is still the Senate's worst absentee

Marco Rubio is not much of a multi-tasker. — Getty Images
Sep 30, 2015 at 5:58 AM ET

Marco Rubio continues to have the worst voting record in the entire Senate, missing 30 percent of ballots this year. Vocativ partnered with GovTrack to examine the voting records of all 100 senators in the 114th Congress.

Three of the current Republican presidential candidates top the list of worst absentees. Following Senator Rubio, who has missed 80 votes in 2015, comes South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, who has missed 64 votes; almost 24 percent of votes in 2015. Texas senator Ted Cruz rounds out the bottom three, having failed to show for 22 percent of votes.

Rubio has failed to pull up his socks since Vocativ revealed earlier this year he had missed 8.2 percent of votes. In fact, his rate of absenteeism tripled, with the senator missing 80 of the 271 ballots of the 114th Congress, by Tuesday, September 29. That further decline is perfect fodder for Donald Trump who gleefully remarked during the second Republican debate on how Rubio had the Senate’s worst voting record.

Rubio countered that he was focusing on his run for the White House, which is understandable, and may also explain Graham’s and Cruz’s poor voting records. Except here’s the thing: Vocativ’s analysis shows that their competitor, Kentucky eye surgeon Rand Paul, has missed just six votes (2.2 percent of ballots) this year, making him the only running candidate to fall on the right side of the Senate’s average absentee rate of 2.59 percent — all while holding down two jobs at once.