Petition For Stolen Puppy In Paris Goes Viral

An Internet crusade seeks to return a stolen puppy to his homeless owner

Activist takes dog from homeless man in Paris — Youtube
Sep 24, 2015 at 7:44 AM ET

French animal rights activists took a puppy from a homeless man, renamed it “Vegan” and put it up for adoption. Now, outraged social media users are petitioning to get the puppy back.

An online petition demanding the puppy’s return to its original owner had nearly 58,000 signatures by Thursday morning, and is continuing to spread on the image platform Imagur.

The appeal comes as part of broader backlash against the Cause Animale Nord activists who took the dog in Paris last week. When activists posted photos of the pup to Facebook, advertising it was up for adoption, incensed social media users flooded the group’s Facebook page and Twitter with an onslaught of criticism.

The president of the animal activists group, Antony Blanchard, reportedly said they acted because the group believed the owner was drugging the dog. A Facebook post on the group’s page claims the puppy appeared shockingly immobile and had dilated pupils.

But rather than quell backlash, this only fueled onlookers’ outrage. By Thursday, a video of the incident posted to Facebook and YouTube had been watched nearly 2 million times combined, showing just how much attention it’s getting.