Twitter Dudes Reassure Carly Fiorina That She’s Sexy

Since Donald Trump's reported insult of her, men have tweeted their support for Fiorina, but not always in the most actually supportive way

Sep 16, 2015 at 4:29 PM ET

A funny thing has happened since Rolling Stone reported that Donald Trump had implied Carly Fiorina is unattractive: Scores of men have taken to Twitter to defend her. These particular guys weren’t interested in arguing about the immateriality of looks to her candidacy, though. Sexism facing women in politics? They didn’t seem to care about that. Instead, in the lead up to Wednesday night’s Republican debate, they wanted to reassure the presidential candidate that they find her good looking—sexy, even!

Also? They haven’t seen photographic proof yet, but they’re pretty sure she would look great in a bikini.

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On September 9, Rolling Stone quoted Trump as having said of Fiorina: “Look at that face! Would anybody vote for that?” Since then, well over 100 men have tweeted that the ex-Hewlett Packard CEO is “sexy,” “hot,” “gorgeous” and “beautiful.” Many of them @ mentioned her directly, as though personally reassuring her that she’s still got it. One, @dior_von, wrote, “I think and know that you have a beautiful face and are very sexy…..keep looking great sweetie.” @dsnovember tweeted at her, “Contrary to what Trump said,you are a fine looking woman and a hot slim body too unlike Rosie O’”

Some, like @coffee6666, addressed Fiorina with a relatively restrained compliment on her looks—”Ur a nice looking woman n smart, which is sexy!”—but then followed up with something like: “I’m sure Carly looks good in bathing suit!” This married man attempts to soothe Fiorina by telling her, essentially, “If it weren’t for my wife…! “@CarlyFiorina It’s a beautiful face! If you weren’t married, I’d love to have some serious “face time” with you! I predict another WIN!”

Then there were the men who, instead of @ mentioning the candidate, chose to share their aesthetic evaluation with the Internet at large. Sometimes, as in the case of this tweet, it wasn’t too flattering: “Does everyone agree with TRUMP that Carly Fiorina is bone ugly?: I don’t think she’s as hot as Sara Palin but… .”

It’s notably men, not women, who were telling Fiorina that she’s sexy and hot. Only a handful of women have taken to Twitter to tell her that she’s “gorgeous.” One subset of tweets came from people specifically reacting to a video her campaign released playing off of Trump’s comments. That video begins, “Ladies, look at this face—and look at all of your faces, the face of leadership.” When women were chiming in to tell her that she’s beautiful—Vocativ found more than 60 women doing so—it was usually along these lines, in a decidedly feel good, you go girl kind of way.

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The tweets from men defending Fiorina’s appearance overall come off as more insulting than flattering, however. They reduce Fiorina to her looks as much as Trump’s comment does. They also presume that she is so fragile as to care what Joe Schmo on Twitter thinks about her face—or what she might look like in a bikini. Underlying all of these remarks is the assumption that women, even prominent businesswomen running to become president of the United States of America, fundamentally depend on men’s sexual approval. And that, gentlemen, isn’t very sexy of you; it’s sexist.