Sailors Blame Michelle Obama For Navy’s Fried Food Ban

Navy personnel have taken to Facebook to blame the First Lady for the loss of their fried food

Getty Images/Scott Olson
Jul 14, 2015 at 12:41 PM ET

Sailors outraged over the Navy’s plan to phase out fried foods from its menus have found the perfect vessel for their anger in First Lady Michelle Obama.

The First Lady doesn’t set nutrition policy for the nation’s fleets. But that hasn’t stopped more than two dozen critics—many of them current and former Navy personnel—from flooding a Navy Times Facebook thread to blame FLOTUS, who has made combating obesity and promoting healthy eating her signature issues.

“Is Michelle Obama now playing big sister to the military hotline?” asked Robert Leon Harke?

Mike Dibble chimed in: “First the kids, now the troops.”

Others reacting to the story soon piled on.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus hinted at a host of sweeping changes to sailor fitness and nutrition back in May, The Navy Times reported. In addition to forgoing french fries and fried chicken, sailors will also no longer be able to order whole milk at chow halls. Instead, they will have to go with either skim or soy milk.

The fried food ban is expected to go fleet-wide in 2017.

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